Adult Fitness Program

Are you signed up for an ironman trialthon? Or adding a swimming workout to your regular exercise routine? Or just learning to swim?

You deserve some help to get the best results – quicker.

  • Our coaches will correct and refine your swimming strokes.
  • At your convenience, you will swim in the privacy of the Singapore Sports School, where the swimming pools are segmented with lane lines to disperse waves and calm the water. Its spacious changing rooms are equipped with hot showers.
  • Best of all, with a covered pool, you can swim even in a thunderstorm. No workouts need be ruined by bad weather.

How and where do you start?

Whether it is swimming laps for cardiovascular exercise, or a high intensity interval training for the trialthon and other races, we will give you an assessment and put together a plan to reach your goals. This saves you much time, skipping the mistakes that are a part of trial and error programs.


After long periods of similar workout routine, you begin to be less enthusiastic. We will rekindle your interest with new variations and workouts. And bring back your childhood by pacing your swim with our swimmers in the swim team. Or, if you prefer, after they tire themselves out with interval training.

or should you like to check us out, just phone 9320-3366 or fill in the form below.