Learn to Swim

Every child is unique. And our team of veteran coaches teach with a firm – yet nurturing – way. From overcoming the fear of water to becoming a strong swimmer, SpeediSwim takes children through a series of lessons to build up skills and confidence, helping them understand safety and discover their aquatic potential.

There are 10 levels in the Learn-to-swim program, beginning from Water Safe (WS) through Swim Skill One (SS1) to Swim Skill Nine (SS9).

Besides, we can also help your child to prepare for two optional tests:

If you have no idea what your children are capable of doing, let us give them a free assessment.

  1. Water Safe (WS) Building Up Water Confidence
  2. Swim Skill One (SS1) Able to swim with kick board
  3. Swim Skill Two (SS2) Able to swim with an acceptable front crawl technique
  4. Swim Skill Three (SS3) Able to swim front crawl and back stroke. Know the breaststroke “whip kick.”
  5. Swim Skill Four (SS4) Able to swim underwater, front crawl, backstroke, and breaststroke. Know the dolphin kick.After developing the set of skills for SS4, swimmers may choose to specialize in one of the following:

    or continue to refine their swimming skills.

  6. Swim Skill Five (SS5) Able to swim all four competitive strokes with improved techniques.
  7. Swim Skill Six (SS6) Able to swim longer distances, using all four competitive strokes and tumble turns.
  8. Swim Skill Seven (SS7) Able to swim still longer distances with all four competitive strokes. Know how to start, turn and finish strongly in a race.
  9. After SS7, swimmers who prefer to continue with recreational swimming rather than specialize in a competitive water sport can proceed to our Master H2O program.

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