Our Founder

Philip Lee, the Founding Director of SPEEDISWIM Aquatic Centre is a sports fanatic with a firm passion for growing sports in Singapore, an ardent developer of various Aquatic and Sub-Aquatic sports, has a wealth of experience working with various National Sports Associations, Institutions, International Federation and Overseas Sports Organisation.

Graduated with a sport academic qualifications of a Masters’ Degree of Business (Sports Management) from Deakin University, and equipped with good knowledge in International Sport Facility Management from MSAC, both as full-time On-Campus studies in Melbourne, Australia has accorded Philip with several research opportunities to further his strategic management skills in the Sports Industry.

Philip possess a deep understanding, both in theory and practice, of sports organisation concept, environment and culture to synthesize a strategic sports business model; with a charisma to establish and sustain, strong stakeholder relations for long term partnerships, has been a catalyst and trendsetter, developing many young athletes in the field of Competitive Sports in SPEEDISWIM, with strong desire to create a sporting Singapore.

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