Para swimming

Para swimming races are very competitive, and they are among the largest and most popular events in Paralympic Games.

One of our missions at SpeediSwim Aquatic Centre is to provide opportunities for swimmers with special needs to represent Singapore. Swimmers in the Speedi Elite Competitive Swimming Squad are trained to take part in international disability swim meets.

SpeediSwim Aquatic Centre teaches all the 4 strokes/styles that are used in swimming competitions.

Once a set of swimming skills is developed, they would be asked if they are interested in competitive swimming. Not every child wants to be competitive or join a swim team. But if they want it, they will be rigorously trained by a previous coach who taught them in the Learn-to-swim program.

In this class, your child is in a competitive team. You and your child will be our partners in this endeavour.

High Performance
SpeediSwim has only a few swimmers in this category, and they are our pride. They are participating in national and regional competitions, and we hope to help your child achieve that as well.

or should you like to bring your child to watch our paralympic training, just call us at 9320-3366 or fill in the form below.