School of Fin Swimming

Fin swimming is exhilarating. The current world record for the 50m freestyle is 20.91 seconds, but for fin swimming, 13.89 seconds.

As in Formula One races, performance depends on technology as well as technique. But in CMAS and other competitions, the fins are regulated by international rules.

Fin swimming provides great resistance training, strengthening core muscles and kicking power. In all aquatic and sub-aquatic activities, fin swimming will refine kicking technique and boost performance.

Even taking up this sport for leisure will improve your cardio. It is comparable to running, but without the high impact risks that strains your joints.

This class introduces you to fin swimming, the types of fins used, and the drills and conditioning methods for improving speed.

In this class, you will be encouraged to join competitions at interschool, age-group, and national levels. Training intensity will increase as we help you push past your limits and realize your goals.

High Performance
At this level, doors of opportunities will be opened as you take part in regional and international competitions.

or should you like to watch our fin swimmers in training, just call us at 9320-3366 or fill in the form below.