School of Underwater Hockey

Underwater hockey, also known as Octopush in UK, is a fast-paced sport played by two teams of up to ten players. Six players in each team are in play at any one time. The remaining four players are continually substituted into play.

Big, strong brutes have no advantage over ladies in this game, so mixed teams of boys, girls, men, and women can play against each other. Players must hold their breath while diving to do battle with their opponents. Some players stay underwater for a long time, but deciding when to dive is better. It takes just a few seconds to tackle an opponent and pass the puck to a colleague, and then return to the surface for a well-earned breath!

Underwater hockey is an easy sport to learn. In this class, swimmers will be introduced to the sport and the equipment, such as pucks, bats or pushers, fins, masks and gloves. Swimmers will also be taught safety and practice drills. And then get to play this fun game.

In this class, swimmers will be trained to take part in competition at the inter-school, age group, inter-club, or national levels.

or should you like to watch our underwater hockey players in training, just call us at 9320-3366 or fill in the form below.