SpeediSwim Aquatic Centre has been selected to teach swimming and life-saving by local schools. The schools’ Physical Education (PE), as well as Co-Curricular Activities (CCA), programs include Swimsafer and Life-saving certification.

Programs range from learning to swim, where basic water safety principles are taught, to helping schools develop their competitive swimmers for their school teams.

Our swimming lessons are conducted in the privacy of the Singapore Sports School, where the swimming pools are segmented with lane lines to disperse waves and calm the water. Its spacious changing rooms are equipped with hot showers. And its pools are less chlorinated compared to public pools, because there is no need to raise chlorine levels for safeguarding the health of large crowds.

Best of all, the swimming pools are available even in a thunderstorm. No swimming lessons would be ruined by bad weather. No child would be let down.

To provide a conducive learning environment, we will not schedule your school at a time that has been assigned for another school. Let’s get started on your new project today!