Swim Safer

The SwimSafer program

Because of their exploratory behavior, teenagers (especially boys) are most at risk from accidental drowning.

And to raise awareness of water safety and the standard of swimming proficiency, the National Water Safety Council (NWSC) developed the SwimSafer program.

Schools and institutions in Singapore recognize these NWSC certifications for water-related sports, such as kayaking and scuba diving.

SwimSafer lessons not only build swimming skills but also ensures that knowledge of water safety and survival skills are learned.

SpeediSwim runs SwimSafer training lessons and assessments during your school holidays. We provide the training for Stages One, Two, Three, and Bronze Certificates during the June and December holidays. And we run training classes for Silver and Gold Certificates during the March and September holidays.

Requirements for SwimSafer Certificates

SwimSafer Stage 1The objective is develop confidence and independence in the water, learn general and deep-end water safety. Techniques taught include the forward and backward movement, safe entry and exit and personal water safety.

SwimSafer Stage 2General skill development including unassisted step entry into water, sculling, feet first surface dives, personal water safety skills as well as water safety in aquatic environments. Goal is to achieve 25 metres of continuous swimming.

SwimSafer Stage 3Principles of personal survival as well as basic rescue skills are taught. Skills include sculling, underwater skills and the use of personal flotation device. Goal is to achieve 50m of continuous swimming.
SwimSafer Bronze

Development of child’s stroke techniques is a focus here, along with coordinated breathing in deep water while swimming 100 metres. Principles of water craft safety will be introduced as well as continual work on rescue and personal survival skills.

SwimSafer Silver

Fundamentals of diving will be introduced. Development of rescue skills and personal survival knowledge will also continue at more advanced levels. Children will be required to demonstrate efficient stroke techniques to complete stage

SwimSafer Gold

Children will be required to perform strokes with greater ease, efficiency, power and smoothness over 400 metres. Rescue skills and water safety knowledge will focus on lifesaving readiness. Standing dive and personal safety skills will continue to be taught.

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